Surrounded by the famous UNESCO heritage sites including Hoi An Ancient Town, Hoi An Sanctuary and Hue the Citadel, Da Nang City with the title known as the best city for living in Viet Nam is not only a symbol of economy – culture growth but also an idea destination for tourism and leisure.

Located on one of the most beautiful streets of Da Nang City, belong the most wonderful beach, My Khe, SALMALIA BOUTIQUE Hotel with 5 floors including 41 elegant rooms with luxurious amenities and high quality services will surely satisfy even the most demanding Guests.

Built up on a very beautiful location with professional and friendly staff, it is SALMALIA BOUTIQUE Hotel’s honor to welcome you to the beautiful Da Nang City. Whoever you are – a business man on his business trip, a just-married couple for honeymoon or a group of friends looking for a weekend getaway, you know you can definitely have the right type of accommodation with excellent services here in SALMALIA BOUTIQUE Hotel. We are proud to bring you everything you need from rooms, restaurants, spa.

To bring the quality of facilities and service to a new level, to expand the image and reputation of SALMALIA BOUTIQUE Hotel to the world, we are striving day by day to meet the needs of our beloved Guests. We guarantee SALMALIA BOUTIQUE Hotel will be your best choice.




Salmalia flower _Rice flower, it’s really emotionally connected to the Vietnamese people. Every March_peak blooming, And spectacular Spring transformed Salmalia flower into brilliant shades color of fire Summer is comming.

Inspired by the fiery Salmalia petals, powerful and generous, Salmalia Boutique hotel was born in March 2019 prominently on My Khe beach in Da Nang city with the charming Indochinese architectural features combined with the passionate romantic atmosphere of the Mediterranean Sea.

Coming to Salmalia Boutique Hotel, you will be immersed in the excellent resort space, enjoy the class service and have a beautiful summer experience on one of the most beautiful beaches on the planet.

Our Standard

1. Service quality
2. Friendly employee
3. Customer satisfaction
4. Comfortable and light space